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Create your own Geocaching Stamp

Start your outdoor adventure and make your mark with your own personalised geocaching stamp. The pocket stamps are small and do fit in your pockets. Stop writing and start stamping!

Design your own geocaching stamp

Whether you’re a seasoned geocacher or a geocaching newbie, it’s always good to have your own personalised cache log stamp. We produce all our geocaching pocket stamps on our own laser engraver as a result of high quality stamps and combined with high speed.


What is geocaching?

Do you want to spend more time outside and need more activities, then consider geocaching. Geocaching is a fun and great way to spend some time outside with your friends of all ages and also popular for groups like classes, youth groups and families. GeoCaching is a treasure hunt which is all about the adventure of finding your way through the woods and the excitement of reaching your goal. You will visit interesting locations using your tech skills and tools like GPS and Google search. The outdoor adventure will lead you to hidden geocaches all around in parks, urban areas and the forest. With the right GPS coordinates you will find your first geocache box. But what is a geocache box and what’s inside?


What is a Geocache Box and what’s inside?

A Geocache Box can be anything, but is usually a plastic or metal box. The box can be hidden everywhere and is sometimes pretty tricky to find. You may know it’s location, but you have to take a look at a map and choose the best way to get there. Inside the box you will find a logbook and maybe some items or even a clue to the next cache’s location. The logbook is a record of everyone who has found the cache. You can ‘’sign’’ the logbook with your own customised geocaching stamp so you do not need to bring a pen with you. Then carry on and try to find another nearby cache.


How do I create my own geocaching stamp?

That’s quite simple. First of all choose one of the stamps and then make your own design. Pocket stamps are quite popular to use for geocaching, as they are really small and as the name already says, they do fit in your pockets. What to put on the stamp? Usually a geocaching stamp has your name, individual text and a picture/icon on it. You can choose the colour you like and hit the button order now. Order your geocaching log stamp now and let the outdoor adventure begin.


Choose your favorite colour and let the games begin!




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Kerstmis 2020
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